"Canvas Goods" Symbolize
New Start, New Opportunities

Canvas Goods started as an idea between three friends who are from a multidisciplinary profession. During mid-2020, when pandemic hit globally, which also gave us a chance to take a closer look into daily hygiene rules to keep ourselves safe. When we were looking for hand sanitizers, we realised that the only thing we were left with were sticky gels, strong alcohol smells and dry hands. Majority of the products were packed in a single-used plastic packaging which will end up in landfill and require 450 years to be disposable. 

We decided to make some changes with our minimalist’s dream team of sustainability and functionality to create environmentally friendly products with timeless design and yet we can  make happy and clean hands accessible to everyone. We partnered with industry experts from cosmetics and medical space who believed in our vision and helped us bring our ideas to reality.

We believe that everything consumed today can be made better with LESS. By providing plastic free refillable and removing anything we all could do without using a single-use plastic bottle. 

Our goal is to make our products with stylish look and timeless design that our customers prefer to reuse the packaging rather than throwing them away to buy new ones. 

We rethink our ingredients, reduce single-use plastic consumption by making our products reusable and recycle whenever your bottle is no longer usable.